linux kernel 3.7.6が来たのでubuntuのkernelをアップデート




  • drm/i915: fix FORCEWAKE posting reads
  • ALSA: hda – Fix non-snoop page handling
  • ALSA: hda – fix inverted internal mic on Acer AOA150/ZG5
  • ALSA: hda – Add a fixup for Packard-Bell desktop with ALC880
  • ALSA: usb-audio: fix invalid length check for RME and other UAC 2 devices
  • ath9k_hw: fix chain swap setting when setting rx chainmask to 5
  • DM-RAID: Fix RAID10’s check for sufficient redundancy
  • xfs: fix periodic log flushing
  • iwlegacy: fix IBSS cleanup
  • xfs: fix _xfs_buf_find oops on blocks beyond the filesystem end
  • x86, efi: Fix 32-bit EFI handover protocol entry point
  • x86, efi: Fix display detection in EFI boot stub
  • smp: Fix SMP function call empty cpu mask race
  • NFSv4: Fix NFSv4 trunking discovery
  • NFSv4: Fix NFSv4 reference counting for trunked sessions
  • NFS: Fix error reporting in nfs_xdev_mount
  • Bluetooth: Fix incorrect strncpy() in hidp_setup_hid()
  • kvm: Fix irqfd resampler list walk
  • drm/radeon: fix cursor corruption on DCE6 and newer
  • drm/radeon: fix a rare case of double kfree
  • drm/radeon: fix error path in kpage allocation


ubuntu 11.10 or 12.04 or 12.10 が要件です。



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